Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Alive!

Yes, I am still breathing! It's been a while so I wanted to take time out of my studies and share some house updates with you!!
So far, we've stripped wallpaper, painted, and moved in furniture. All thanks to help and gifts of furniture from our families!!! Thank you!! :)
There is a lot I want to share, but I'll just show pictures for now!
Here is what the dining room used to look like! Forrest green.

And here it is now! It's hard to tell the color exactly, but it's a beautiful green! All it needs now is a dining table!
The kitchen was our next project. I was so ready to get rid of this wall paper! 
Thanks to our family for helping tear it down!
 Matt did an excellent job texturing the walls! Our kitchen is now a beautiful butter yellow.

And we love spending time in our living room now that it has furniture. I'm almost sad to see winter go since we won't get to have anymore fires in our fireplace! Isn't my husband cute? He likes the leather chair. Sorry about the yellow tinge!

And we have a bed for our guest bedroom!
Matt rewired that hobnob lamp for me! I couldn't resist when I saw it at a thrift store. Love it! All it needs now is a lamp shade.
And here are our current projects: refinishing a dresser and chairs!

We are so happy to call this our home. It has been a joy getting to work on it with each other and our families. We are so blessed!!