Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trout, Paint, and Other News

Seeing as it has been almost a year now from my last post, I apologize. Thank you all for caring enough to make sure I keep up my blog! It will be especially good to have around when our little baby boy gets here!! :) We are so excited! Stay tuned for updates on the nursery!
In other news, Matt went on a fishing trip a couple weeks ago and brought home trout! I have always wanted to try trout (admittedly, due to watching The Parent Trap at least 10 times). I am glad I finally got a chance! It was delicious! Matt cleaned it and cooked it in the skillet. We served the fish on top of jasmine rice (Matt's fave) with homemade rolls and a salad. My sister, Kate, was in town and got to experience new things with us! I would put a picture up, but it honestly does not look all that appetizing. Thankfully, it was much better than we were expecting. Matt can go trout fishing any time he wants!
We also got around to painting our bedroom (finally!). I figured if we didn't do it before we started on the nursery, we might never have a painted room. After much debate and indecisiveness, we settled on beige (File Cabinet by Martha Stewart, to be exact). At least it will go with everything! Matt also changed out the ceiling fan for a more modern look. We are thankful to our sisters for helping us paint!!
Here's a before picture:
 Matt working on the light fixture:

After During (there is still much decorating to be done):
The colors are a little off, but you get the idea: much better. You will just have to come by and see it in person! Glad we got that checked off our list!
More renovations are underway! Does "nesting" apply to the whole house?? I thought that would only be for the nursery. Who cares! We are finally getting things done! :)

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Katie Lee said...

I can totally relate to your Parent Trap reference. That trout was good! And I love the new light fixture.