Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three Inches of Snow in March

Yesterday, we woke up to this:
 So of course, this had to happen:
...what?? Why, you ask? I don't know. I don't try to understand. I just love everything that makes him who he is. After much debate, I decided NOT to sleep outside in single-digit weather. I kept the bed warm, just in case. ;)
We have gotten a few more projects done around the house. We were trying to decide on whether to get a new chandelier or save money and paint the one we have now. We decided to cheap-out and paint. This is the before picture:
 Matt is a brilliant spray-painter. His work is flawless.
And here it is after! I bought the lamp shades at a garage sale. Though it might not be our ideal, we like it better than the brass!
What do you think?

In other news, we have painted the nursery a light green-gray color and Matt put up the crib! Apparently, we're not in a hurry to get things done in there. But I did order a print online today! I'll show you when I hang it up. 
 And for those of you who keep asking for baby belly pics, here you go! We're at 30 weeks and counting!!!
Our little boy is kicking like crazy these days and I LOVE it!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trout, Paint, and Other News

Seeing as it has been almost a year now from my last post, I apologize. Thank you all for caring enough to make sure I keep up my blog! It will be especially good to have around when our little baby boy gets here!! :) We are so excited! Stay tuned for updates on the nursery!
In other news, Matt went on a fishing trip a couple weeks ago and brought home trout! I have always wanted to try trout (admittedly, due to watching The Parent Trap at least 10 times). I am glad I finally got a chance! It was delicious! Matt cleaned it and cooked it in the skillet. We served the fish on top of jasmine rice (Matt's fave) with homemade rolls and a salad. My sister, Kate, was in town and got to experience new things with us! I would put a picture up, but it honestly does not look all that appetizing. Thankfully, it was much better than we were expecting. Matt can go trout fishing any time he wants!
We also got around to painting our bedroom (finally!). I figured if we didn't do it before we started on the nursery, we might never have a painted room. After much debate and indecisiveness, we settled on beige (File Cabinet by Martha Stewart, to be exact). At least it will go with everything! Matt also changed out the ceiling fan for a more modern look. We are thankful to our sisters for helping us paint!!
Here's a before picture:
 Matt working on the light fixture:

After During (there is still much decorating to be done):
The colors are a little off, but you get the idea: much better. You will just have to come by and see it in person! Glad we got that checked off our list!
More renovations are underway! Does "nesting" apply to the whole house?? I thought that would only be for the nursery. Who cares! We are finally getting things done! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Alive!

Yes, I am still breathing! It's been a while so I wanted to take time out of my studies and share some house updates with you!!
So far, we've stripped wallpaper, painted, and moved in furniture. All thanks to help and gifts of furniture from our families!!! Thank you!! :)
There is a lot I want to share, but I'll just show pictures for now!
Here is what the dining room used to look like! Forrest green.

And here it is now! It's hard to tell the color exactly, but it's a beautiful green! All it needs now is a dining table!
The kitchen was our next project. I was so ready to get rid of this wall paper! 
Thanks to our family for helping tear it down!
 Matt did an excellent job texturing the walls! Our kitchen is now a beautiful butter yellow.

And we love spending time in our living room now that it has furniture. I'm almost sad to see winter go since we won't get to have anymore fires in our fireplace! Isn't my husband cute? He likes the leather chair. Sorry about the yellow tinge!

And we have a bed for our guest bedroom!
Matt rewired that hobnob lamp for me! I couldn't resist when I saw it at a thrift store. Love it! All it needs now is a lamp shade.
And here are our current projects: refinishing a dresser and chairs!

We are so happy to call this our home. It has been a joy getting to work on it with each other and our families. We are so blessed!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Recently, craigslist.org has become my best friend. Matt and I recently bought a wooden kitchen table on clearance. I love it! But is has no chairs. So I have been scouring the ads on craigslist for chairs. My intent is to get six mix-matched chairs and paint them all one color to tie them together. Maybe white? Or blue? Probably white. It's versatile. I'll send you some before and after pics...once I get the chairs. ;)
How I wish I had my sisters here with me to rummage through the local antique/thrift stores! I like going on my own, but it's so much nicer to share things you love with people you love.
Matt and my sister-in-laws are here in OKC with me, but they're all at work. I think I just need to get back to school. And get busy. Hello, last semester of nursing school! Woohoo!
But that's not until next week. Today, I think I'm going to check out a few antique stores. ;)

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yesterday, Matt and I made gingerbread cookies! It is so wonderful being back together. I love cooking with him!!

We're definitely ready to close on our new house (hopefully next week!) and get all of our stuff out of storage. But for now, a glass works just fine for a rolling pin!
He did all the hard work. I just enjoyed them. ;) 

We both had wonderful Christmases with each of our families. We received thoughtful gifts, many of which we've already put to good use! Most of all, we loved being together with all of our family. Looking forward to another blessed year!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Antiques and Motors and Antique Motors

This past weekend was perfect. Matt and I had such a wonderful time together, living life. He took me up in a plane! It was my first flight with him since he got his license! So fun!

These were our views from the plane! The leaves were a bit past prime and they definitely looked better on the ground, but they were still much better than Oklahoma.  
That was one of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York.
And it was so wonderful getting to hang out with friends. We're going to miss them when we officially move back to Oklahoma!
Speaking of Oklahoma, BOOMER SOONER. I could not believe how much we dominated the University of Texas last weekend. We enjoyed every minute of it.
My favorite part of the whole weekend was getting to cook with and for Matt. We made excellent breakfasts (e.g. Sausage and Apple Pancakes with Maple Cinnamon Butter) (Whatt?!? Yes, it was as good as it sounds). And it actually felt like fall!! It didn't even get above 60 degrees except for one day! So of course, we made delicious soups.
And Matt took me to antique shops! How sweet is he? Then we went to a museum about Glenn H. Curtiss, the "Fastest Man on Earth," who broke the speed record with the motorcycle he built (one of the first!) in 1903. He also engineered the first airplanes and motor boats, so the museum was chock full of motors, progressing through the twentieth century. So we both got to enjoy our respective loves: antiques and motors. And we had a blast we each other while doing so.   
Loved every minute of this weekend. Wish we could do it all over again exactly the same. 
Hope y'all had great weekend too!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Porch Swing

We're still alive and kicking! Promise!
Nursing school just doesn't leave much time for blogging, you know. Here's one of my favorite pics of us for you in the meantime.
Jesus is wonderful. Life is beautiful.