Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello, All!
Today started off with pumpkin spice latte and toast with apple butter. Basically, it was a very pleasant morning.
The butternut squash soup was good, but nothing to rave about, so I'll expound on our vacation to Vermont last week. 
We started off camping in the Green Mountains of western Vermont (where Green Mountain Coffee comes from). Matt whipped us up some delicious frito pie which we had prepared beforehand from this recipe It was a bit chilly out so the chili hit the spot. :)
It was a very Brittany-friendly camping trip. AKA--we took a short walk (no 14,000ft mountains) and then relaxed and talked. Perfect. :)
The next morning, we packed up and drove to our cabin that we found on HomeAway. The drive was gorgeous and very picturesque. The fall colors were prettier in Vermont than in New York. The first night at the cabin, we played games (farkel!), cooked dinner together, sat in the hot tub under the stars, roasted s'mores around the fire pit, and read books. It was so nice just to be together after two weeks of not seeing each other. This was the view from our cabin!

The next day, we drove to Jay's Peak near the border of Canada, and hiked a bit.

Can you believe I hiked that?!? You can hardly call it a trail. Thank you, Matt, for being so considerate (as always) and helping me through it! The hike was hard, but well worth the effort. The view was amazing!

That pretty much sums up the vacation. The best part of the whole trip was just being together, experiencing new things. I am married to the best husband ever!!


Matt said...

What a fun trip. You forgot to mention that cool bakery.

Brittany Brasher said...

Oh yeah! We stopped at an awesome bakery and got the best cheese and herb bread I've ever had. I wanted to try everything they'd baked.