Monday, April 2, 2012

An Eventful Friday

The beauty of pre-made salads:
All I had to do was mix up a little vinegar, honey, and spices and toss it with the veggies. Simplicity. And those are sweet potato fries!! YUM. Usually we bake them, but this time decided to fry them up instead (Why did we go for the less healthy option?? I have no idea.). That's barbeque chicken in the background if you're wondering. Good weeknight meal.

Would you like to hear about our crazy (fun) weekend? Actually, this is now two weekends ago. I get behind sometimes.
It started with a bird.
A bird got in our HOUSE!!!
Apparently, they are getting into our attic somehow. So when Matt went up to get something from the attic on Friday, the bird made it's way into our apartment. And would not leave. We* seriously tried everything to try and shoo it out the window.
*I will not mislead you. When I say we, I mean Matt. Matt tried everything while I cowered in the corner, hoping I would survive the incident without getting pecked or pooped on. All I did was shout out suggestions.
After ~45 unsuccessful minutes of trying to scare the bird out the window by nudging it with a broom, Matt got innovative. This contraption is a garbage bag, held open with a wire hanger, taped to a broom handle. This was meant to catch the bird and then release it. After one swoop at it with this, the little bird flew out the window. I guess it saw that we meant business. The triumphant:

Thank you, Babe! To see the bird and watch me be a goober, please follow this link to a video we posted on YouTube. Update: since this is a week later, the hole where they were getting in has now been closed up. Yay!
To calm my nerves, Matt then took me to a farm I've been wanting to visit. It is an animal farm close to us that is open year round for visitors. I loved it! Here are some pics from the day.
This was right before the goat nibbled Matt's hand. Ha!
Matt's view:

My view:

I thought of Robin Hood as soon as I saw this rooster. Perfect! That is still my favorite Disney movie ever.

Trying to decide...
OK, yes. Matt will pet the horse. With the back of his hand.

Dearest family, what does this remind you of?
I even look like I'm 10 years old in that picture.
After playing a round of frisbee in the park and then heading home to get cleaned up, we took off for the big city. AKA--Binghamton, NY. Haha. We stopped by a local favorite to try some of their famous ice cream. I went out on a limb and got their grapenut ice cream. It was surprisingly really good! Like I-would-get-it-again good! Then we went to the Super Walmart to get a bike for Matt. He's been wanting one for a while, but the problem was we didn't have room for it in our second-floor apartment. Finally, I decided to allow the bike to reside in our kitchen/dining room. Too generous? Oh stop, stop. Y'all flatter me. Well, I guess it will make up for me not helping at all with the bird catastrophe. Ha!


kait. said...

Love the goat and rooster photos. You're getting exceptionally good at that camera thing! By the way, I think Matt could patent that contraption and sell it as a four-in-one household tool.

Brittany Brasher said...

Thanks! Matt taught me everything I know! Haha! Brilliant! Wait, four-in-one? I can only think of two.

Ginab said... it in...runs a close second to the air conditioner...