Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a Dutch Baby!

So I did make that bread I told you about. I tracked back the original recipe as well. You can find it here. They have tons of great bread recipes! And look at how pretty mine turned out!

It was really good too! Semi-crunchy outside and a beautifully moist and fluffy inside. Wonderful.
Well...I told you about those Saturdays. It happened again. This time we decided to make a recipe from my new Joy the Baker cookbook. I thought the recipe for her Toasted Coconut Dutch Baby looked delicious. Matt isn't the biggest fan of coconut, but I thought it was worth a try. And Matt loved it even with the coconut! I loved it too, but of course I would--I love coconut. I love pancakes. What's new? I tried to find the recipe on her blog, but I think she must have such a plethora of recipes that she doesn't share the ones from her book on her blog. Here's a link to another of her Dutch Baby recipes:
What is a Dutch Baby, you ask? I didn't know either. Apparently it's like a mix between a pancake and a pop-over. Does it really stem from the Netherlands? I don't know. Do french fries really come from France?
I think Matt and I should own a bed and breakfast. Seriously, how good does that look?  

Well, we're working on it. It's not like that's our own recipe or anything. Give us another year or two and we'll be full-fledged gourmet chefs. And you can visit our bed and breakfast. Ha.

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