Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Tree

It's official!! I am now a licensed practical nurse in the state of Pennsylvania!! Woohoo! Now the job search is on.
Best part of my week so far? My husband brought home a Christmas tree for me! I didn't think we'd have one this year since it's only going to be up a few days before Christmas, but he surprised me! Isn't he the greatest? I'm so glad we have a live, little fir tree for our first Christmas together. It's a little scarce on the ornaments, but the ones adorning our little tree have special meaning. My mom gave all my ornaments from my childhood to me when I married Matt. Special memories are collected in them. Our sister Ali also gave us an ornament that contains a picture of us for our first Christmas. I love it! 

I'm hoping for snow this Saturday. Who knew that I would move all the way to PA and then still have the possibility of no snow on Christmas day?!? Fingers crossed..

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