Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

Usually, I don't plan a New Year's resolution, mostly because they never last past January. This year, however, I am going to commit to a couple. My sister, Katie, inspired me. She actually kept her resolution all year in 2011!!! No carbonated drinks the whole year! No Dr. Pepper?!? Poor thing. Hope January 1, 2012 finds you content with a big DP, Kate!
I have a few ideas for mine. I'm thinking they should be about my mental, spiritual, and physical health. What do you think of these?
1) Meatless Mondays -- no meats for Monday night dinner.
2) Seafood at least once a week -- As much as we prefer steak, fish is so much healthier for us than red meats.
3) Commit to running a half marathon in the summer -- this would keep me working out on a weekly basis...maybe just a 5k.
4) Study nursing content at least 15 minutes every day -- so by the time the big ol' NCLEX-RN rolls around, I'll be more ready for it.
5) Spend as much time listening in prayer as I do talking -- what God has to say is infinitely more important and beneficial than my own words.
6) Start volunteering at an organization -- giving time and love to others is one of the most fulfilling things in life.

I'll probably hone in on a couple. Number one would be simple. Five would be the most difficult.
In a few months, you can ask me how it's going. Hopefully I'll still be on track! 

What are your resolutions for this new year?

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