Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brussels...unfortunately not Belgium

I guess this is what comes of getting a puzzle from a thrift store. Can you see the missing piece in the mountain?

Haha. Oh well. It was still fun. But what do you do with a puzzle with a missing piece? I can only think to recycle it.

So what did we have for our first Meatless Monday? Oh please don't ask. You see, Monday, January 2nd was a holiday. Ergo, it felt like a Saturday. AKA--we totally forgot it was Meatless Monday and had pizza for dinner. Haha...oops. But we don't count that one.
So what did we have for our second Meatless Monday? Oh, thanks for asking!! We had minestrone soup and our favorite quick dinner rolls. I will admit that I did not make the soup from scratch. Have you heard of the Bear Creek soup mixes? They are wonderful. I would endorse them. But the rolls were homemade. MMMM!!

In other food stories...
I've been wanting to try Brussels sprouts for a while now since I can't remember having them. So when The Pioneer Woman made them on her Christmas special show, I knew I'd found my recipe. They were so simple. I didn't get a good pic, so I'll just let you travel to her website for them. So what did I think of the sprouts? Well, I'm certainly not going to eat them till I bloat, but they were good. If you like cabbage, you'd love these. I do like cabbage, but mostly as cold cole slaw. Would I make them again? a few months. What's the best part about this?? Matt said he would make them again. Score!
Word from the wisened: While boiling the balsamic vinegar, please do not lean over the pot and take a big whiff. I think I singed quite a few nose hairs doing that very thing. Who knew hot balsamic was so strong?? It took a while for my olfactory sensors to recover from that one. 
Don't say I didn't warn you.

So now I'm trying to come up with more new things to cook this week. I might as well go all out while I have so much time on my hands. Any ideas??

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