Thursday, February 16, 2012

In a Quiet Place...with Chocolate.

Two days ago, I came home from work to the only gift I wanted--chocolate!!!!!!
Isn't he the greatest?? I'm telling you, these chocolates are gourmet. They're from a local chocolate shop in town. Oh my. So good.
I finally finished Matt's pajama pants!!! They were meant for a Christmas gift...whoops. Happy Valentine's Day, Matt!! :)
Sorry for the grainy pic. It was taken with my phone. Unfortunately, you can't tell by the picture how baggy these are. It's quite hilarious. Just think parachute pants. Haha. I might have to take them in a little. Also, the non-matching lines are funny. But they're comfy-cozy right, Babe?
I made banana muffins yesterday and they were soo good! I just love muffins. It was a really simple recipe: I love simple recipes. I got a couple new books from the library yesterday. Have you seen Martha Stewart's new pies and pastries cookbook? I rented it and I love it!! I think I'm going to have to make a few recipes from it and probably copy a few down. Well done, Martha!
It's a rainy day today, so I think I'll make myself some spiced tea, drive to the park, and sit in my car in the rain with a good book. I might take one of those chocolates with me. :) Doesn't that sound marvelous?? I hope you all find peace in a quiet place today.

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