Monday, February 27, 2012

Shout out to our Grandmas

I would like to inform you all of my successful first attempt at making chicken-fried steak.

Woohoo! Matt took control of the frying process. As you can see, he is very talented. These turned out beautifully.
Matt's grandmother, GG, gave me The Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas and I have been making recipes from it like crazy. (Thanks, GG!!) When I saw her recipe ( for chicken-fried steak, I thought it looked pretty similar to my grandmother's recipe. Mamaw, these turned out almost as good as yours!! And the gravy was good too!! However, there is one thing on which I need y'all's advice. Mashed potatoes.
Matt and I are still not quite pleased with our mashed potatoes. Are we missing something? This last time, we just added milk, butter, salt, and pepper. Should we be adding something else??
Anyway, I was so excited that my favorite meal on the planet turned out well on the first go-round. It's not the healthiest meal, but like you say, Mamaw, "We don't have it everyday, so..."
Thanks to our grandmothers for the help and inspiration. Mamaw, I will always love your chicken-fried steak the best! Can't wait till the next time I see you!

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