Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Last weekend, our sister, Ali, came up for a visit! We had a blast! You might have seen my Instagram photo via Facebook here: Matt and I have been wanting to visit Ithaca, NY for a while and so we all went to check it out. What we found was that Cornell University is beautiful. I would love to tour all the old, gorgeous buildings on that campus. We also discovered that Ithaca has a fun downtown district with bunches of cute shops! We (read: Ali and I) had fun shopping around. And I love that there are so many waterfalls around us!! We don't see many of those where I'm from.

We had fun cooking together over the weekend! We made a pizza which was delicious. This was one of our best pizza doughs yet. We blended all-purpose and bread flour and it was perfect.

And cinnamon roll waffles for breakfast from this website: Yum!!

Ali, thank you for doing so many of our dishes! We had so much fun with you! Hope you can visit again soon!
Oh, and we also started a game of Axis & Allies. 

...It is still going.
...Matt and I might not finish it for a good, long while.
...Oh boy.


Unknown said...
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Lauren W. said...

Do you like comments Britt? That pizza looks AMAZING! You'll definitely have to give me the recipe for that dough!!!

Brittany Brasher said...

Yes!! I love comments! Thank you! I'll bring the recipe next Thursday! :)