Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pittsburgh...and Tom.

Pittsburgh was awesome!! My favorite thing about our trip was the bed and breakfast where we stayed. Beautiful! It was an old (over 150 years old) log cabin that the owners restored and decorated to resemble that era. I wanted to don a floor-length calico dress and sit and read a book by the fire the whole time. We didn't take pictures, but you can go to their website to see it: We would definitely stay there again!
Onto Pittsburgh...
We went to the market district first where there were tons of different ethnic stores. We went into an Italian store and wished we lived in Pittsburgh so we could go there every week. They had the most beautiful selection of cheeses and pastas and sausages and everything Italian. We purchased Gorgonzola-filled mezzaluna pasta with their signature pasta sauce (we're becoming connoisseurs of marinara). Yum. We also walked downtown across a couple bridges and saw the oldest standing building in Pittsburgh, the Fort Pitt blockhouse (a.d 1764). Cool.
We saw an old church building that had been turned into a bar. They called it the "Altar Bar." Would you say that is sacrilegious or not? >>>>

So while we were walking on the sidewalk in the market district, we passed through tons of lights and camera equipment. Matt figured they were shooting a commercial or something. We were trying to find a coffee shop and one of the men from the camera crew helped us. When we got there, we asked the barista what they were filming. She said it was a Tom Cruise movie called One Shot! So after some excellent coffee, we moseyed back to De Luca's, the restaurant where they were filming, and mingled with other onlookers. Here's me in front of the restaurant with all the lights and equipment.
Yes. We were those people.

We waited with a camera to get a shot of Tom Cruise. We waited with a passel of cigarette-smoking Steelers fans. We wasted time. We saw Tom.

Hello, Tom!


Ginab said...

That picture of the skyline is so cool. Matt could definitely get a second job as a free lancer if he wanted it. I love the pictures. What a fun way to remember your time in PA. Love you.

Brittany Brasher said...

He definitely could! He's so talented.