Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today I made zucchini bread.
Without zucchini.
I got home from the store and realized I had gotten a cucumber instead. I decided to go ahead and bake it and see what would happen. As it turns out, cucumber bread is not all that different from zucchini. Thank goodness. Now I get to have yummy bread with my pumpkin spice latte in the morning!! I'm really hooked on the pumpkin spice creamer (if you can't tell). Coffeemate is really making my mornings beautiful. Why does it have to be unhealthy?!? Life would be so much more wonderful if sugar were good for me!!
Before I left the quilt shop in Norman, I picked out my favorite fabrics and bought 2 yards of each. Since then, I've been looking for a pattern for them. I like quilts with repeat shapes instead of pictures. I'm really liking this hexagon quilt pattern. What do you think?
These are my beautiful fabrics. Cutting them makes me nervous.

 I have recently gotten my mink blanket out for the winter. It's amazing how toasty it makes me. Way better than an electric blanket! Especially if the electricity goes out...
I finished reading Jane Eyre last night. Oh. my. goodness. It is now in my top five list of favorite books. I'm actually wanting to read it again right now. Charlotte Bronte is such a good writer! And the end of the book is marvelous--just how I wanted it to end. I didn't think I'd like it because the story is darker than Jane Austen's novels, but I was totally wrong. I would definitely suggest reading it. It's a classic for a reason!!

"Well! That caps the globe, however!"


Katie Lee said...

That dark navy fabric is my fave of those. I can't wait to see the quilt. I wish I had a slice or two of that Cucumber Bread right now! Yum!

Brittany Brasher said...

That's my favorite too!
I wish you were here to eat it with me! But then if you were here, you could've stopped me from getting a cucumber in the first place. Haha.